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Adult Introductory Workshop


Adult Introductory WorkshopAdult Introductory Workshop
Adult Introductory Workshop


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Unleash Your Potential with this Special 3 hours Introductory Workshop to Super Sensory Development for Adults

  • Be more intuitive, sense more with your ‘heart’ and think less with your ‘brain’?
  • Able to connect with the people around you to build lasting and meaningful relationships?
  • Better manage your anger and stay calm?
  • Better memory to boost your efficiency?


What would you learn in this workshop?

  • The secret to achieving the above wishes is to activate your midbrain. In this workshop, we will give you and teach you 4 proven tools that you can take away and start practising at home.
  • That’s right, this workshop is a GIFT from us to you; it’s a complete workshop on its own. With the tools provided, you will be on your way to activate your midbrain and be happier and enjoy a better quality of life.
  • Proudly presented by GMA Master Trainer, JEANNI SOH

Workshop Details

  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Venue: 100 Beach Road #02-39 Shaw Tower
  • Trainer: Jeanni Soh