Our Solution

We bring all into one place for you

You can put your merchant items for sell here, from electronics to cupcakes there is a place for you. You can also receive customer bookings for your restaurant, hair salon, spa session, etc... As well as, tuition class, training course registration.

Start business on the fly by tapping on our solutions

  • Tap on to our e-commerce integration solution to integrate it into your website and start selling your merchandise on the fly.
  • Go to our Booking solution to receive online booking round the clock.
  • Use our enrolment system to receive online registration of the courses.

Using Our Solutions

You just need a web browser on a device (a smartphone, a tablet, etc... and of course a PC or notebook computer) to manage your business. It can be used through social media, OneBuggy portal or you may take our solutions to tap on to your current website.

  • Use our solutions at OneBuggy Website
  • Publish our solutions through social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google
  • Integrate to your own website