Booking System

We offer free booking system for small business with less than 25 bookings per month. Let's us help you grow your business by letting new or existing customer to make an appointment with your business round the clock (24/7).

Why use it?

Grow your business: Increase your revenue and service level by letting customer to book and pay online 24/7.

Spread through Social Media: Publish your service booking on Facebook, Twitter and Google to spread through social network.

Reduce no-show: Email reminder to both customer and business owner.

Free booking for start-up: Get 25 booking monthly for free.

Who use it?

  • Restaurant and Catering
  • Health and Beauty (Beauty Salon & Spa, Hair Salon, Dermatologist)
  • Event and Classes (Art & Craft, Dance, Tour, Teaching and Tutoring)
  • Repair Services (Plumber, Air-con Technician, computer repair,)
  • Cleaning and Domestics Helper (Cleaner, Nanny, Laundry service)
  • Sport and Fitness (Personal Trainers, Fitness instructor and Life Coach)
  • Sales and Agent
  • Ticketing System (Coming Soon)
  • Hire and Rental (Coming Soon. Rent an equipment based on calendar and it auto count the day. Allow to set rental fee based on calendar. Public holiday the fee is double)


  • Simple and Powerful Scheduling Tools
  • Easy and powerful: Simple to add,modify and customise your service items schedule for booking.
  • Service requirement form: Get precise clients needs with customise service form.
  • Multiple service selection: Provides different type of services or resources in multiple options for client selection in the booking.
  • Filling up appointments 24/7: Let the booking system auto filling up your appointments and accept payment while you are busy.
  • Define Recurring Appointment

Accept Payments online

Genuine booking: Cut down no show by collect payment or deposits online when clients book.

Secure, Easy & Reliable Payments: PayPal safest way for online transaction. We�ve the order management in place, so you can focus on business without having to setup complicated and expensive order management system to track your transaction history and reports.

iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar

Synchronise: OneBuggy appointments with other calendars (iCal, Google and Outlook).

Multiple resources calendar

Merge Multiple Calendars: Combine and merge multiple calendars of different resources into master schedule and get your complete view in a glance.

Customer Reviews

Reviews: Collect reviews from clients with the rating system. Better understanding of market needs.