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Benefit of learning Chinese Calligraphy

  • Chinese calligraphy is one of the highest forms of Chinese art perfectly embodied the rhythm, lines and structure, displaying the abstract beauty of lines.
  • It is not only a form of art, but also a Chinese way of life.
  • Calligraphy, carrierd by Chinese characters, covering language, literature, history, aesthetics, etc., it’s full of beauties.
  • Learning Calligraphy ,can train and improve the ability of appreciating beauty, understanding beauty and creating beauty
  • Calligraphy is full of philosophy, stock of light, heavy; line of thick, thin,;structure of sparse and dense; color of dark, light, and so on, is full of opposite and contradictions, while also full of harmony and consistency.
  • Through studying under the Chinese master calligraphers and painters, students will be exposed to rich culture tradition. They will not only enjoy the beauty of Chinese calligraphy and painting, but also will be able to appreciate these two kinds of most ancient, abstract, and condensed art.
  • Through the course, students get the opportunity to grasp the depth and breadth of Chinese culture, allowing them to get in touch with their inner self in a busy metropolitan environment, to cultivate the moral character and nourish the nature.
  • Students will be able to learn a set of Chinese brush painting technique and able to create and compose their works on their own. Practice the ways of thinking and develop the intelligence, make them calm and peaceful.

  • 书法是形象思维,由右脑主宰。孩子在学习过程中,处理的大多家庭作业以左脑来进行逻辑思维。在业余时间练习书法,可以舒缓神经,左、右脑交替运用,交替休息,使到逻辑思维和形象思维能劳逸结合。
  • 有人把人生不同阶段练习书法的好处比喻为:幼时习书如驯兽,青年习书如交友,中年习书如避暑,老来习书如进补。
  • 书法是一门博大精深的艺术,涉及语言、文学、历史、美学等方面,充满了极其丰富的美。
  • 学习书法可以自然地得训练和提高欣赏美、理解美、创造美的能力
  • 书法艺术中充满了哲理: 运笔的轻重,线条的粗细,结构上疏密,墨色上的深浅等,充满了对立的矛盾,同时又充满了和谐统一。
  • 在学习书法的过程中,思维方式也得到了训练。
  • 书法的主要工具——毛笔对人精神的要求比较严格,对人神经的训练比较细腻。
  • 学习书法的时候,手部肌肉、大脑神经都会得到有益的训练,这本身也是对智力的开发。
  • 4 Lessons per Month (每周四堂課)
  • Every Monday (每周一)
  • 2 hours per lesson (每堂 2 小时)
  • Instructors: Mr Lee See Thong & Mr Phang Weng Kiong (指导: 李士通老师 & 潘永强老师)


  • Pioneer Generation 10% discount / 建國一代 10% 折扣

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