e-Commerce Integration

Incorporate e-Commerce to your website

OneBuggy e-Commerce Integration allow you to transform any website into a full feature e-commerce portal, equip with shopping cart, order management, product management and reporting.

Minimum coding required

The integration is design for fast deployment. Only a few lines of codes is required to insert into your existing webpage.

Server Requirement

Any web server that serve html page (eg. Apache, IIS, nginx, etc). If you already have a running website, you are ready for it!

No database server is required.

Mobile device

The integration works for mobile platform as well.

Dynamic content

Product management tools allow you to control what to put on display. You can:-

  • Add / remove item on display.
  • Change prices, picture, description, etc.
  • Put on a discount or sale.

Without modifying any codes in your webpage.

Shopping Cart

Shoppers can add multiple products in the shopping cart to build their order. The cart will automatically calculate the cost including the shipping cost and discount. Shoppers can add, modify and delete the quantity easily with the + (Add Quantity) - (Reduce Quantity) and x (Delete Item) button besides.


The checkout system is for customers to verify order information such as:

  • Product and quantity order
  • Billing and payment information
  • Shipping method
  • Shipping Address

Product Management

The Product Management function gives you the flexibility to add, edit and delete product easily. User can set the product criteria in different sub-functions tab as listed below.

  • General - Set the product name, description, SKU, photos, term and condition and etc.
  • Price - Set the product price and apply discount on it
  • Goods - Turn on stock control for inventory tracking before it can automatically reduce inventory during sales.
  • Choices - Set the product variant options for different dimension and pricing. Sellers can custom design the form for customer to choose the selection.
  • Tags and Category - Advanced Tags to define keywords for maximise search result by shoppers. Create your own Custom Category. Tag to pre-define category site wise or store-wide.
  • Options - Set product release on shelve status.

Choices, let customer customise the product

The built in Form Editor allows seller to custom design the form with different variants for the product.

Delivery Charges

The system allows the seller to define their own shipping methods and charges based on weight and sales value.

Product Discount

Discount by Conditional Rules

Offer allows you to set the discount by amount off or percentage off.